Dinner with the doc – a talk about heart health

GLADSTONE — UP Health Systems invites the community to take part in their Physician–Patient–Outreach–Programs, like their most recent program on heart health.

You may have heard of coffee with a cop, but what about dinner with the doc? Dr. Kristofer Dosh of U.P. Health Systems met with local community members in Gladstone at the Terrace Bay Inn and Suites for dinner and to talk in an informal setting about heart health – specifically hypertension.

Dr. Dosh says, “High blood pressure is the most common disease state that people can usually can get control over that has a major impact on future development of heart disease.”

According to Dr. Dosh about 75–million people in the United States deal with hypertension. Hypertension is when your blood pressure is about 140/90 as compared to the normal rate which should be 120/80 for adults who are 20 years or older. Hypertension is generally known as a modifiable risk factor. What does that mean? It means it can be prevented and changes through behaviors and habits.

People can treat or prevent hypertension – or abnormally high blood pressure – through diet, exercise and keeping regular appointments with a primary doctor. The talk informed community members about heart health and even gave them a chance to ask questions or reinforce information and health tips.

Dr. Dosh says people can research more about heart health online through the American Heart Association but when in doubt schedule an appointment with your primary.

For more information from the American heart Association click here.