New Hollywood short film shot in the Upper Peninsula

CALUMET — A local film shot in the Copper Country is having its Michigan Premiere at the Calumet Theater tonight at 7pm with a follow up showing on Friday.

‘Superior’ is a tale about two teenagers who decide to have one last adventure, bicycling around Lake Superior in the summer of ’69.

“Do you remember when we were in second grade when we were out at the cabin looking out across the lake wondering what’s on the other side? This is our chance to find out!”

It’s based on a true story, written and directed by Edd Benda, who came out last summer with his crew from Beyond the Porch Productions to film the movie.

“Superior” writer and director Edd Benda said, “We spent the last twelve months getting this film ready to go and ready for the world and to be in the gorgeous Keweenaw Peninsula is where this film was meant to be. We’re coming home.”

“You’re gonna let a little adversity give you an excuse to quit? God forbid you power through!”

“You think I’m quitting? Are you insane? We’re on bicycles!”

The film premiered in Hollywood at the Chinese Theater earlier this year, but it will now be seen for the first time by the community who helped make it.

Actor Paul Stanko, who plays Derek in the film, said, “They say Heaven’s the place you go when you die, I say it’s a place to you come to film a movie about Lake Superior. I mean, this is just-it’s wonderful to be back in Calumet and Houghton, Hancock.”

The film stars Paul Stanko and Thatcher Robinson and features several local actors including Harvey Desnick, Pasi Lautala, Kris Kyro, Sherry Saarinen and Brian Downing.

“No matter what happened in the end, he did something in his life worth remembering.”