Esky little league softball team prepares for World Series

ESCANABA — Little League baseball tournaments are well underway across the country and the Upper Peninsula has a representative at the Senior Softball tourney in Roxana, Delaware. Escanaba’s magical season continues on and for their final week of practice, they will put their Yooper game faces on.

The team battled some incredible adversity, losing to nine–time regional champion South Bend earlier in the tourney to set a winner–take–all game on Sunday. After 11 exhausting innings, Escanaba came out on top and they know right now, momentum is clearly on their side.

“We’re in high spirits. We had a great weekend of softball. The way it ended was very fitting and everything is positive right now moving forward,” Coach Andy Fields said.

“It feels really amazing. It was my first time going to regionals and so to have my first time going to regionals be my first time going to worlds, too, it’s awesome. I love it,” outfielder Emily Bruntjens said.

“It’s still kind of surreal. I mean, it hasn’t completely set in yet. It’s my second time going so it’s just something really exciting,” said catcher Taylor Segorski.

The Escanaba area has enjoyed a lot of success on the diamond this summer from the Legion Baseball team’s win in the Zone 5 tourney to Delta County’s run in the Junior Girls Central Regional. And the support from the community has been overwhelming.

“Everyone that was at the game was amazing and after the game, I had texts and everything saying what a good job we did and everyone at home was just really awesome to us and they’re so kind and supportive,” Bruntjens said.

“You know, it’s just one more thing for us to win for and one more thing to push us to play a little bit better knowing that we have the support back home,” Segorski said.

The Senior Girls World Series in Delaware kicks off this weekend and their first game will be this Sunday as they face off against Garden City, MT. First pitch for that game will be 8 p.m. eastern time.