Great Horned Owl released to the wild

MARQUETTE — Perhaps the most famous bird in Marquette finally got to go home today.

The great horned owl that was shot at St. Peter’s Cathedral in May is finally well enough to be released. He had a vet appointment this week, and after nine weeks of recovery, he’s ready to rejoin his family.

“The break in the bone looked good, it looks pretty well healed over, so we took him over to our brand new forty foot flight cage and he flew off. So since then I’ve been exercising him in that cage every day. He’s doing well, he’s eating well, so he’s ready to go!” said Jerry Maynard, who helped with the recovery process at the Chocolay Raptor Center.

The bird was released at Harlow Park near the cemetery in Marquette. Maynard says he’ll be a bit disoriented at first and the trees in the park and the quiet of the cemetery will be a good resting place.