MARQUETTE — Another successful year of Art on the Rocks is in the books.

Part of what makes Art on the Rocks so successful is that it brings in some of the best artists from the area and beyond. In order to maintain a certain standard of excellence, 30% of the show is composed of artists invited based on a scoring system and the other 70% are selected in a jury process.

“That’s what makes this show,” said Local Artist Dan Cook, “there’s a lot of good surrounding artists and everybody does a good job. It’s not arts and crafts, it’s good art, whether you’re a sculptor, painter, jeweler, or whatever. It’s the only show I do, and I look forward to it every year.”

Whether the artists are from across the country, or just down the street they all love Art on the Rocks.

“Every time I come out to Marquette it’s a really fun time just to see all the locals,” said Artist Jason Jansen, “usually I’m working on new U.P. pieces so that’s always fun just to get feedback from everybody on that. All of my work hits different crowds and different people depending on their tastes. I try to have something for everybody.”

The 57th year of the art festival brought in just under 200 artists and it’s estimated around 10,000 people were in attendance throughout the weekend.