Dianda talks Michigan roads with constituents

ISHPEMING TOWNSHIP — State Rep. Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) was in Ishpeming Township Friday morning, where he met with a number of citizens for about two hours.

People shared their questions and concerns with Dianda on topics ranging from County Road Five Ninety Five to the future of energy in the Upper Peninsula. One of the topics Dianda talked at length about was what to do about Michigan’s roads.

“The latest on that is there’s not a deal that has been done. My concern is that we got to make sure that if we do have a tax increase, we’re spending the money wisely we have right now for Michigan roads, which is $3.8 billion,” said Dianda.

“If we are going to have a tax increase, we have to make sure the money goes to the Act 51 formula. If the money in the formula does not go through the formula, we in the U.P. are going to suffer. We have to make sure that money comes through to our locals and our counties,” he added.

Dianda and the rest of his colleagues are due back in Lansing Aug. 21.