Perkins wants to work with city about land usage

ISHPEMING — Ishpeming resident and businessman Dan Perkins was told at Tuesday’s Ishpeming City Council Meeting to stop illegally growing vegetables on city property.

Since 2013, the city has asked him to stop growing veggies on that parcel of property. That particular piece of city land is designated for recreational use. Perkins wants to work with the city to keep that parcel of land usable beyond this year.

“It’s a long evolution to bring the city to the idea of farming in a number of these unused city parcels,” said Perkins. “Hopefully that will come around. Obviously we want to do everything in compliance with what the city wishes.”

“The city has to be as proactive as possible in taking people who are willing to develop some of that land, and be open to working with people who are going out of their way to volunteer their time for their community like Dan does in so many different ways,” said Ishpeming Councilman Justin Koski.

The city told Perkins Tuesday that he will have to cease growing vegetables at that location after this year.