Terminally ill MTU grad and combat Veteran raises funds to save as many lives as he can

KENTUCKY — A former Michigan Tech graduate, Army Captain, and Combat Veteran with terminal cancer is still doing everything to save as many lives as he can.

Throughout his educational and military career, Justin Fitch has been a man of many missions. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014, his last mission will leave an imprint for veterans and their families for centuries to come. He is working with Carry the Fallen, which is part of the non–profit group Active Heroes. Justin struggled with depression from PTSD and is working with another veteran, Troy Yocum. They share the same vision. To put an end to veteran suicide.

Justin and Troy along with others are in the process of creating a Military Family Retreat, that will be a place for military members and their families to stay for free to help them heal from the mental and physical wounds of war. The retreat will feature a long list of physical activities to help prevent suicide.

“We’re testing acupuncture treatments and massage. We’ve had resounding results from those. But also yoga, crossfit, self–defense, and music lessons. All of these different things. That’s where we’re seeing the best results.”

The first retreat center will be just outside of Louisville Kentucky and open to veterans from all over the country. They hope to add more retreat centers throughout the United States.

Even while going through treatments, Justin Fitch has been an ambassador for the fundraising process and has raised almost $300,000 in just twenty days.

“He’s a fighter, he fights like no one I’ve ever met before. He’s really helped us lead this campaign to raise money and awareness for the retreat center in Kentucky.”

To sign up to donate to the cause click here. To learn more about Carry the Fallen and Active Heroes click here.