Garden Bay Winery packs a punch with high alcohol content

MUNISING — John Lucas and his wife used to own an eighteen hole golf course, but when that wasn’t working, it was time to make a change.

That’s when John decided that a winery would be a good choice.

“Making wine is an art form so it very much is something you can express in the fact that you can give it the time and the necessary skill needed to make it the best. It’s an interesting art form in its own right, and I would say cleanliness being more of the key to making really good wine,” said John.

John’s wines are entirely Michigan made, with fruit and grapes coming from as close as Cooks, and as far away as down state. But, Garden Bay seems to be known for it’s high alcohol content.

“My friend made high alcohol wine at hunting camp and the Northern Lights Out is indicative of the name, the play on words, the out part is the thing that would happen if you drink too much of it. They’re very fruity and you don’t realize the high alcohol until you’re tasting for a while,” John added.

One of their most popular flavors is the Yooper Stooper at 19% alcohol by volume.

“It is, by far, interesting to those who love the yooper frame of mind, you might say, when they come across the bridge and it is by far the most popular flavor,”

But, not to worry. If you’re having a hard time finding something you like, John makes plenty of flavors and he’d be happy to help.