NEGAUNEE — A Michigan author was in Negaunee this afternoon to talk about his new book about Michigan boat building. Today the Michigan Iron Industry Museum hosted guest speaker Scott Peters.

Michigan’s boat building industry has played a part of the state’s history since before the 1850s. Scott Peters a collections curator for the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing has been collecting information on Michigan boating for 25 years. He spoke at the museum today about boating history in the state of Michigan.

Author of Making Waves: A History of Boat Building in Michigan, Scott Peters says, “We’ve got several different boat builders that were up in this area, where we’ve got probably over 90 at one time or another. I study roughly from about from 1850s to about 1950s, and little bit beyond. For boat building throughout the state, this was a very important area.”

Peters’ talk included information on different types of boats, boat manufacturing and famous figures who worked in the boat building industry. Here in Northern Michigan boats were first used for safety purposes, commerce and then eventually leisure. Peters’ book, Making Waves, is on sale online or at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum’s store.

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