Man who failed to return to jail sentenced

MARQUETTE — A man who failed to return from a release program to attend school was given more jail time in Marquette County Circuit Court Friday morning.

24–year–old Cory Carter was sentenced to one year of jail time on the charge of escape from jail. That charge stems from Carter’s failure to return from the Sheriff’s Release Program back in June.

Before sentencing, Carter requested that he be granted early release to take part in a Bible–based rehab program in Gaastra.

“I’ve struggled with addiction for about eight years now,” said Carter. “I’ve been through jail a multiple number of times, and I guess nothing really seems to be working. The only option that I really see that I have left is to seek out God.”

“The circumstances of this case just do not justify in the court’s mind reducing the jail time,” said Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi. “A person can go to Gaastra without being ordered by the court to go, and so I would direct you to continue to consider that, and as you prepare for your release from jail, make arrangements to go to Gaastra at that time.”

Carter pleaded guilty to the escape charge in June.