St. Vincent de Paul held its 50 cent sale today

MARQUETTE —  50 cents seems to be a popular number lately. But we have some good news regarding the use of 50 cents and how it can help struggling families.

St Vincent DePaul had it’s 50 cent bag sale today. All adult clothing could be racked up for just half a dollar. This included mens and womens clothing, swimsuits and jackets.

“I know we rotate between bag sales and 50 cent sales, we have also been trying to do three tops for a dollar, six tops for kids. A lot of people are struggling and they get to send their kids around with very nice clothes for a low price,” said Manager, St Vincent dePaul Stephanie Bordeaux.

Kids clothes were snatched up for half of 50 cents, coming in at a bargain price of twenty five cents. St. Vincent de Paul currently services 900 families in Marquette.

“I’m really trying to show more and more people what we have to offer. A lot of people still don’t know about us, they don’t know what we do, how we help people in the community. I want more people to come in and see what we do and find out how they can help. They can help with donations and they can help by shopping too, the money goes right back to the pantry,” added Bordeaux.

All new items will hit St. Vincent de Paul tomorrow. To keep on top of their sales you can sign up for their email sale alerts. You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here.