HOUGHTON — There’s a new healthy way to enjoy lunch in downtown Houghton. Lunch just got a whole lot smoother and healthier. The Energy Lab recently opened their doors in downtown Houghton serving up delicious healthy meal replacement shakes.

Liimatta said, “We start with a shot of our mango aloe. That’s just a great digestive soother and then you also get to pick one of our great high-energy teas and then you also get to choose your shake and we have 30 different flavors to choose from.”

The shakes are only 200 calories and have 24 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals, and they’re filling which makes them a tasty alternative for lunch.

Liimatta said, “A lot of people tell they were just really looking to have a healthy lunch option so this is great. They can leave for work and come in and grab a shake really quick.”

But The Energy Lab doesn’t just whip up shakes, they’re into whipping you into shape as well.

Liimatta said, “We offer to all of our customers, they can have a free wellness profile. We use a Tanita body composition scanner. It tells us a lot of information. It’s great for people who are interested in maybe weight loss so we do weight loss coaching, we design individual programs for people and then we also work with athletes if they want to improve their sports performance through better nutrition.”

The Energy Lab is open for lunch weekdays from 10:30 to 1:30.