MARQUETTE — If you’re having trouble parking on Third Street in Marquette, you’re in luck.

The Marquette City Commission approved a new parking ordinance that should open up more parking in the area. It’s part of the implementation of the Third Street Corridor Plan, and will reduce the number of private parking spaces new businesses will need to provide.

“It’s come about to make it easier for businesses to be developed and utilize the property on Third Street better,” said Mayor Mike Coyne

“We had some consultants come in, we did a Third Street Corridor sustainability plan and also a parking plan and both of those are geared at assisting economic development and continuing to help the businesses stay strong,” added Mona Lang, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority

New retail shops won’t have to provide any private parking, and other new businesses will have to provide parking based on square footage. However, current business owners weren’t completely on board with the new plan. They worry that customers visiting new businesses who don’t have to provide parking will just park in neighboring private spaces.

“When I talk to other business owners, when I talk to my customers on Third Street and even downtown, it’s pretty rampant that people will say there’s no parking. Valid or not…perception is reality in a lot of cases,” said Dan Torres, a business owner on Third Street.

As part of the ordinance, 32 on street spaces will be added. The council also discussed finding a way to buy back private spaces from businesses moving forward.