Someone has been illegally dumping trash in the ravine

KEWEENAW — An illegal dump site has been found near one of Houghton County’s natural treasures.

For some, it’s a place of scenic beauty, a pristine recreational spot and a home to local wildlife. For others, it’s good place to throw out their trash. In the area of the Hungarian Falls someone has dumped a fair amount of old junk. apparently thrown off the side of a bridge that spans a deep ravine.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says it may be difficult to find out the persons responsible, but if the culprit are found, there are stiff penalties. Those can range from a civil infraction with a fine up to $800 to a 5 year felony and $10,000 fine for the most severe cases.

In addition to these penalties, a person can be required to pay for the cost of removing the litter, cost to repair damage to the property, and community service.

Hungarian Falls is not alone. The Michigan Coalition For Clean Forests list more than six-hundred illegal dump sites in Michigan. Four of them, not including this latest discovery, are in Houghton County.

Their website,, has information on how to Adopt-A-Forest to get clean up efforts organized…like the one now needed at Hungarian Falls.