Local car show brings in car enthusiasts from all over

NEGAUNEE — Engines were roarin’ and wheels were rollin’ in Negaunee as car enthusiasts showed off their collections.

How can a girl resist all that muscle? I mean the classic cars, of course.

The car show and cruise in downtown Negaunee at Pasquali’s has got me saying “Ooh, Barracuda,” as I get to peruse all the classic cars and some new favorites. People came from across the U.P. and even down state to take part in the Pioneer Days tradition for almost 20 years.

Owner of Pasquali’s Clark Gravedoni says, “People look forward to it every year. They know it’s during Pioneer Week on Wednesday night, which for a lot of people is nice, because their weekends aren’t tied up. They can come out on a week day and check out the cars, and when we go on our cruise. It’s kind of a big deal, we all have people lined on both sides of the street all the way up to Ishpeming and back.”

Gravedoni says the first time they held this car show they had 20 cars and last year they had more than 100. He says he thinks this year after the final count they’ll have about the same as last year and just as much variety.

“I’m more into the older cars I guess,” the Pasquali’s owner added, “1960s muscle cars are kind of what I like, basically because I own one myself, probably, but I like them all. I like the newer cars and I like the old Model A’s and Model T’s.”

But no matter what your preference is, there are cars and cycles for just about every interest. Brad St. Aubin is from downstate and came to the U.P. to visit his family and share a car he and his dad had restored. The 1970 Dodge Barracuda was restored from the frame up. Brad and his dad have been sharing it local car shows ever since.

“I take long weekends when I can, and try to get up here and take a look at all the beautiful cars that are up here in the U.P. and get to see some old friends,” the car enthusiast said, “I would say get out here and have a great time. There’s beautiful, beautiful cars here, great people, good food inside just a great venue.”

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