NEGAUNEE — The Negaunee Historical Society won top honors for their outstanding efforts to preserve and promote the history of the Upper Peninsula.

The museum received the Superior Award from the Historical Society of Michigan. One of the best ways to observe and read through history is a newspaper. The museum received the award from making just under one hundred years of historical print easy to sort through in a modern way.

“In our museum we have 93 years of hard copies of the Iron Herald, which was the paper that was published in the city of Negaunee,” said Negaunee Historical Society Board President Virginia Paulson, “it records a lot of history. We now have it digitized so it’s easy for people to read at home at their leisure.”

Other historic items that were digitized include sporting events, pictures of what Negaunee used to look like, and yearbooks back to 1902. This kind of award is highly deserved for all of the hard–working volunteers.

“We were honored to get the award. We have a staff that works here six days a week, Monday through Saturday from 10–4,” added Paulson, “they put in a lot of hours, so I think it was nice for us to receive that award because our staff has put in a lot of time.”

To learn more about the Negaunee Historical Society Museum, click here.