MARQUETTE — With changes in the works for downtown Marquette and Third Street, city leaders took a tour of the areas in question today.

Making a decision regarding city matters sitting behind a desk, is not how the Downtown Development Authority conducts it’s business. They got out of the office and hit the streets to access the changes and developments that should take place in the coming years.

“We spent some time today looking at the condition of curbing, sidewalks, brick pavers, that is the kind of things we will be looking at moving forward in the budget year. Which of these can fit into the budget this year, next year, maybe over the next five years,” said DDA Executive Director, Mona Lang.

The long term goal is to make downtown and Third street more pedestrian friendly and in compliance with the Third Street adopted plan.

“We are going to be adding 32 parking spaces on Third St., the city is going to be putting in a bike lane and bike share roads, so we are really moving forward with developmental issues that we think will help,” said Lang.

Several grants have been awarded that will help with improvements to three buildings on Third Street as well as to Vango’s Restaurant that will additionally be adding six new jobs.