Prototype Greenhouse aims to grow food & the economy

ISHPEMING — If you’ve been by the Partridge Creek Farm in Ishpeming lately, you’ve probably noticed the greenhouse that’s been constructed around the vegetable garden. The building is a prototype that one U.P. inventor hopes to create both jobs and food with.

Earl Senchuk invented the Yoopertopia greenhouse. Senchuk built a similar model like this one in Christmas more than two years ago.

If Yoopertopia works like Senchuk thinks it will, he believes this product could put aging baby boomers back to work and feed people at the same time. Senchuk plans on experimenting with a certain food group in the Yoopertopia.

“The very first one is going to be a tomato wall,” said Senchuk. “There is a reason for doing this. We want to expose every single leaf to the sun. By doing that, we’re going to be getting more photosynthesis occurring on the plant. If there’s more energy going into the plant, then we’re expecting greater growth. Every aspect of this thing could be employment for someone.”

Senchuk has designed greenhouses and other outdoor structures for more than twenty years.