KINGSFORD — With cases of heroin usage, sales, and overdoses on the rise, local police agencies are doing their best to educate the public on this deadly drug.

Heroin is particularly dangerous because it is easy to transport, relatively cheap in price, and extremely addictive. The Michigan State Police Iron Mountain Post held a heroin awareness presentation at the Breen Avenue Senior Citizens Center in Kingsford. The conference was given by Community Service Trooper Geno Basanese to help the community understand the dangers of heroin, and how to recognize someone who is using the life–controlling drug.

“The best way to detect is to be observant,” said Iron Mountain Post Michigan State Police F/Lt. Christine Grabowski, “if you’re noticing syringes that are not used for any medical purposes or spoons that appear to be burned or have a substance on them. That’s a really good way to observe something that is not supposed to be there and could possibly be connected to use of heroin.”

Many people that turn to heroin start from abusing morphine or other painkillers.

Those who attended also learned about the different strands of heroin, where it’s coming from, and most importantly how deadly it can be. Grabowski added that there will be more presentations available to all different age groups.

To find details for upcoming heroin awareness conferences call the Michigan State Police – Iron Mountain Post (906) 774-2122
For heroin treatment, call (906) 225-3994