MARQUETTE — Most people have a family member that is considered the Grill Master…even if it’s a self appointed. Grilling is an important part of the 4th of July holiday.

But for those looking to earn their stripes this Fourth of July holiday, we have some grilling tips to get fired up for. Looking to perfect your grilling tips for this fourth of July weekend, well before you even plop those delicious ribs or juicy steaks on the grill, some say seasoning is the key.

“I’m Italian so without things like garlic and onion, it’s not really food. Most households usually have things like garlic pepper or garlic salt, those make quick fixes for anything that you don’t have,” says Hudson’s Restaurant, Grill Master, Erik Peterson.

Hudson Restaurant Grill Master Manny Barry adds, “I would do a rib rub, garlic, salt, pepper, cajun, cayenne, especially for ribs, just lightly coat your ribs.”

After you are all done seasoning, it’s time to perfect those grilling skills. Size and weight of your meat does make a difference but there are some key tips you can follow to keep them moist and delicious.

“A lot of people use a high flame but that usually ends up drying the meat out. I found that using a medium flame keeps things going smoothly. It still gets that nice color on the outside but maintains all that juiciness and flavor, adds Grill Master, Peterson.

“Just slow–cook them, have the cover over the grill Steaks and cut up whole garlic and put them inside the steaks and it will penetrate it and give it awesome flavor.

Now if you get stuck or still have questions, LongHorn steakhouse has expert grill masters that you can phone or text. LongHorn grill masters are available today through Saturday from noon until 5pm daily.

Just dial 855 LH GRILL – (855)544–7455, Or text LHGRILL to 40679. Or visit their website at