Batchelor sentenced to life in prison

ESCANABA — Kallay Batchelor entered the courtroom Wednesday, the same way he left it six weeks ago– in shackles.

Batchelor was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by Judge Stephen Davis. Because he was convicted of first–degree murder, that is the mandatory sentence that comes with the crime according to Michigan Law. Batchelor was convicted of first–degree murder on May 20th.

When Judge Davis asked Batchelor if he had anything to say to the court, he quickly replied, ‘No’, trying to stay out of the camera’s view. Delta County Procescuting Attorney Philip Storm did address the court, saying that Heather’s murder was the most heinous crime he’s ever seen.

After Batchelor was led out of the courtroom, Strom was quick to thank law enforcement and his staff for their efforts in the investigation and the eventual conviction.

“The Escanaba city public safety did a fantastic job during this investigation, and so based on the thoroughness of the investigation along with the cooperation of the other agencies, I was very confident in this case, and I think that was obvious by the trial, my statements during the trial, and at closing statements,” said Philip Strom.

“My role in this investigation was to basically be a quarterback and guide the investigation through the process. During that, I was supported by some of the finest law enforcement in the country, you know to guide this thing to its successful conclusion,” said Det. Sgt. Anthony LaPlant.

“As for the sentence, we feel that someone capable of such brutality and violence is exactly where he should be and off to prison and unable to hurt anybody else,” said Valine Kobasic.

Heather and Kallay’s two young children, who are six and four years of age, will be taken care of by Heather’s friends and family.

“We are all doing our part to make sure they live as close to a normal childhood as possible given the circumstances we are in,” said Kobasic.

As for Kallay, he will appeal his first–degree murder conviction.