MARQUETTE — Two suspects in two separate meth cases in Marquette County were given their sentences in Circuit Court Tuesday morning.

32–year–old Joshua Bowen was sentenced to three to twenty years in prison. Bowen pleaded guilty to one charge of operating or maintaining a meth lab late last month. Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi considered Bowen’s family support and his understanding of the effect his actions had on the community before handing down a sentence corresponding to Bowen’s plea agreement.

“One of your strengths, Mr. Bowen, that’s identified here is taking responsibility for your part. You made this decision, you do it, you’re taking responsibility for that and you’re not here making excuses for it,” said Mazzuchi.

Bowen and two others were living in a hotel in Harvey when police found meth–making components in several of the motel’s rooms on January 27th.

51–year–old Gerald Humphreys, Junior, of Ishpeming was handed down a sentence of six to twenty years in prison with credit for 101 days served. Before being sentenced, Humphreys spoke to the court.

“Your honor, I take full responsibility for everything I’ve done. I really — I made some bad — some really bad decisions, and I know that it’s going to affect the rest of my life,” Humphreys said.

Humphreys pleaded guilty in May to conspiracy to manufacture meth. He was arrested in March in connection to a meth lab found on Cleveland Avenue in Ishpeming. His co–defendant, 39–year–old Bradley Helsten, will be sentenced July 10th.