North Wind lawsuit enters federal court

MARQUETTE — The controversy surrounding The North Wind hit a whole new level today, as court proceedings were held at the federal level.

The North Wind’s current adviser, Cheryl Reed and managing editor Michael Williams filed a lawsuit against the North Wind Board of Directors back in April for what Reed and Williams called a violation of their 1st and 14th amendment rights. Reed was not reappointed as the paper’s adviser and Williams was denied the role as editor in chief by the board for the upcoming school year.

Paul McAdoo represented the two plaintiffs in U.S. District Court at the preliminary injunction hearing held Monday morning. As part of the lawsuit, McAdoo argued that Reed should be re–appointed as adviser of the paper.

NMU vice president for enrollment and student services Steven Neiheisel and four students were named in the lawsuit. Neiheisel serves on the North Wind Board of Directors.

Defense attorney Robert Zielinski argued that the board of directors acted appropriately as nan independent board in their decision–making dealing with Reed and Williams’ roles with the paper for the 2015–16 school year.

Judge R. Allen Edgar is reviewing the case and he will make a decision on the lawsuit in the near future.