The U.P. All-Stars make predictions for the football game

MARQUETTE —  The 2015 U.P. All–Star football game is set to take place Saturday at the Superior Dome. The teams have been practicing all week and taking part in the festivities for the event. But now, they will take the field to find out who is better: the North or the South? And the players have weighed in with their predictions for the game.

“I think the South is going to win and it’s hard to go against a bunch of guys that love to compete and go out there and fight for a victory,” South quarterback Rob Granquist said.

“We’ve got a lot of hard working players. We’ve got some of the best in the U.P. from the big schools. Little schools…these guys are stepping up. I didn’t know that some of these schools had the talent that they had. But I feel like our team can come out on top on Saturday,” said North quarterback Brett Place.

“I think South is going to do it just because the guys on our team, they show a lot of heart and a lot of hard work out of them. I think we’re going to be able to pull out the W,” South running back Lee Graff said.

“I think we have a good chance to get the win on Saturday. I think we have a lot of talent and a lot of hard working guys,” said North offensive lineman Jason Lindbeck.

“I predict that the South is going to come out the victors because all these boys, they do excellent, they stay true to their colors and they’re going to give it their all this game. And I think we just have the charisma, the vibe and the strength to take them down,” South offensive lineman Chad Leisenring said.

“Got to say North win just because I have so much confidence in all my players. You got to go in with confidence and whatever happens, happens,” said North linebacker Elijah Weber.