Dogs take over the workplace

ISHPEMING — Businesses across the country literally ‘went to the dogs’ today.

Pet Sitters International created ‘Take Your Dog to York Day’ back in 1999. PSI started Take Your Dog to Work Day to celebrate the companionship between a dog and his owner and to bring awareness to adopting dogs.

The organization does not keep actual statistics on how many businesses participate in the day, but they do say that the event has grown each and every year. Some dogs like Ripley at Straight Line Archery, celebrate ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ everyday.

“He pretty much just settles in. Ever since he’s been a pup he’s been here,” said Ripley’s owner, Randall Wellings. “He knows when we come in we work, he gets on the couch and talks to people when they come in every now and then. He’s a clock–watcher and he knows when to knock off.

“He’s a good doorbell,” Wellings added. “He’s a pacifier when things are nice and calm. When you get a little bit stressed, you just go over talk to Ripley and play ball with him. We’re really close. He’s my buddy. He’s just part of the furniture. He’s great.”