MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — A long–awaited new gas station and convenience store in Marquette Township is now open to the public.

Ojibwa Express Convenience started up with a soft opening over the weekend after a period of planning and construction dating back to 2012. So far, the experience has been a welcoming one for station owner Aanikoosing Incorporated.

“Marquette Township has really rolled out the red carpet for us,” said Aanikoosing, Inc. CEO Andrew Chosa. “Everyone’s been really accepting of us. We got a lot of great comments on the way we look. We worked really hard to make sure that we built a nice facility for people to want it to be a part of their community.”

Everything is up and running, but owners still plan to add a few more items to their inventory. They’re even open to customer suggestions.

“We’re going to be doing fresh–baked cookies. We’re working on some hot pizza,” said Chosa. “We’ve got some of our sandwich items — heat–and–serve sandwich items — so we do want to invite everyone to come stop by for lunch. Check out some of our lunch items, and I can’t wait to be able to smell fresh cookies in here nonstop.”

For the time being, the new station will open up with hot coffee ready at 4:30 every morning, and close its doors at 11:00 p.m.