ISHPEMING — U.P. Voters will soon see a new face on their ballot.

Lon Johnson announced his candidacy for Congress in Michigan’s First Congressional District today.
As a Democrat, Johnson will be running against the incumbent, Dan Benishek.

“It’s time that we started to work to create a U.P. and Northern Michigan where our families can stay and succeed. We’re losing too many of our children and our grandchildren to downstate or, frankly, out of the state and it’s because our congressman, Congressman Dan Benishek, has not worked to invest in our greatest assets, our people, our land and our Great Lakes,” said Johnson, “What we’ve seen just out of Congressman Dan Benishek is, time and again, he’s gone to Washington and become part of the problem. He’s become part of the partisan bickering that’s got nothing done for the people of the U.P or Northern Michigan.”

Johnson discussed several issues with his potential constituents, including veteran benefits and medicare threats. Johnson lives in Kalkaska County and comes from a family with five generations of Northern Michigan history.

If you want to learn more about Johnson’s campaign, follow this link.