Hikers learn about local history and current affairs

BIG BAY — Save the Wild U-P and the Yellow Dog Water Shed Preserve teamed up for a second year to guide people along a scenic hike in Big Bay. Pinnacle Falls could be described as a gem in the U.P. The hike trail follows the Yellow Dog river where it drops into a gorge. Hikers met their guides in front of Big Bay Outfitters on Wednesday to car-pool to the location. Besides great exercise, hikers learned about current issues surrounding the environment and a little bit of history, too.

President of Save the Wild U.P. Kathleen Heideman says, “Cynthia’s going to talk about the naming of the river, the history of the Ojibwa name for the river in that stretch, and a story that goes along with it. and then of course, we’re going to talk about some of the current issues including mining exploration that’s just up-stream.”

Even though hikers went in a big group together with tour guides they are welcome and encouraged to come back and hike it again.

Interim Director of Save the Wild U.P. Alexandra Maxwell says, “After this we have a lot of guests today that said, ‘we’ve been trying to find these falls for years, and we’ve never found it.’ So I think we are providing an opportunity for folks to get back to these really wonderful places on their own.”

Representatives from Save the Wild U.P. says this hike may be a little hard for beginners, but says it’s fun for everyone no matter your skill level. They will be hosting another Pinnacle Falls hike later this summer.