Founder’s Landing construction project is back on

MARQUETTE — The Founder’s Landing Construction Project is back in business.

The marquette Brownfield re–development Authority Board met this morning as a few additional snafoos had to be sorted out. Construction recently started back up after the second phase of this mixed use facility was halted. Plans were put on hold for more than a year while financing and payment issues were worked out and a Development Reinbursement Agreement was approved.

“The city was going to be the developer of the parking structure which would have made it a combination of public property below a private property above. This presented some pretty strong challenges.

The year long hold while frustrating for some, may have been a blessing in disguise. Developers had time to re–think and reconstruct the design of the building.

“In that year that elapsed the developer changed the makeup of what that project was going to be based on what needs are. I would say that was probably a good thing and they are rebuilding now what makes more sense. Had they built what they were planning on a year ago given what they needs are today, maybe that wouldn’t have been a good move,” continued Torres.

This phase of the project should take roughly a year to complete.