U.P. All-Stars participate in skills challenge competition

MARQUETTE — Today, the U.P. football skills competition was at the Superior Dome at Northern Michigan University.

First place in the kicking competition went to the big man Danny Willman from Iron Mountain.

The top run was Aeron Forsberg of Menominee at 4.59 and I asked if he did anything to prepare for this run.

“Just track basically but I haven’t really had time to work out because I work but I’ve worked out a little bit before this, like running on the track and stuff,” Forsberg said.

We go to the quarterback challenge and it was down to the last final throws. Jake Thomann of Iron Mountain had a final distance of 50 yards. But top honors went to Justin Jurek of Gladstone, who got a 55 on his last throw.

“It was the last throw and he had lined up fifty yards away and initially put five and zero on the other hand and then he ended up flashing five in the other hand. We were all sitting right between 50 and 54 and then finally to get over that and get 55, it felt cool,” Jurek said.

For the strongest man competition, James Cryderman of St. Ignace had 19 reps.