10ft. sink hole closes Division St. in Ishpeming

ISHPEMING — Division Street in Ishpeming is closed for a few blocks due to a sink hole that has developed.

A passer–byer noticed the 10 foot sinkhole yesterday morning and called the city. Workers came out and immediately closed off East Division Street between Jasper and Fourth. The Department of Public Works says a sinkhole formed over an abandoned steam tunnel that runs under the road, making the road unsafe to drive on.

“Part of that tunnel collapsed over the top right under the shoulder so we called MDOT, there was a concern that maybe the failure would continue into the roadway so at that point we closed the road and installed the detour. Contractors are mobilizing as we speak to come and solve this,” said John Kangas, Ishpeming Department of Public Works.

The street will remain closed until it can be repaired, which may take several days. The old steam tunnel underneath is property of Cliffs Natural Resources, although MDOT owns the road so it is unclear who is responsible. Kangas says first they will make sure road is safe and then deal with who is responsible for the repairs. Cliffs Natural Resources has been out to inspect the damage