MARQUETTE — It’s that time of year… Wedding Season, and the UP has a lot to offer.

For brides and grooms, locals and out–of–towners alike, Michigan’s upper peninsula is a possible destination spot for any wedding. The UP offers outdoor and indoor venues for the ceremony and the reception. Wedding planner and owner of Knots and Kisses Nicole Corne says planning a wedding begins with choosing what’s important to you.

“Do a list, starting with one: what’s the most important thing?” said Corne. “Is it the DJ or the photographer? Number two: I really have to have a photo booth, and then plan your budget based on that.”

A wedding planner can help with preparations for the big event, and brides and grooms can choose just how the planning gets divided.

The history of June weddings goes all the way back to ancient times–when the Romans would wed in honor of Juno, the goddess of childbirth and marriage. Although some of the ancient traditions have faded away after time and different cultures have adapted their own traditions, June continues to be a popular month to tie the knot because it offers good weather and scenic venues in most areas.

For weddings in the UP it’s not only about the location but sentiment, too. For bride–to–be Katy Hogan and her fiancé Kirk, a UP wedding was about sharing their home with friends and family.

Hogan says, “Once we moved here, and this is were we created our lives, we thought we want all of our family and friends to come see how beautiful it is here, and we want our new friends to be able to come. So that’s kind of why we chose the UP. This is our home now, so we wanted to celebrate our marriage in our home.”

So no matter what style, theme or time of year–the UP has something to offer for most any wedding. For more information about I Do Events and Weddings click here,

To contact Nicole Corne at Knots and Kisses click here.