Forsyth Township Library finds a new home

GWINN — Bookworms rejoice! The Forsyth Township Library is now open for business.

When the old library became too cramped, it was time to find a new location. It took a while, but the new library had its ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday.

“It’s just fabulous, after all the hard work and all the details we had to figure out and moving, physically moving, all the books, it’s absolutely wonderful to be able to say, ‘hey, we’re done and it’s beautiful and please come enjoy it with us,'” said Library Director Pamela Withrow.

The new space has some wonderful improvements including huge picture windows and comfortable seating for readers to relax in.
The children’s area also got a facelift. It’s much bigger now, so young readers can get comfortable too. Visitors really seemed to love the change.

“We had a lot of our patrons come up and say, ‘hey, when you’re ready to move, we want to help you,'” Withrow added, “You know, it’s very heartwarming in a day when people often feel disconnected because of the digital age and a lot of people can just stay home and get on their computer to do their own thing. In this area you don’t see that as much. You see people wanting to get out, get involved, help each other, be part of a community and it’s a really nice place to be.”

In honor of the new space, the library will have some great community events. Youngsters can come read to a service dog to practice their skills and there will be book discussion groups for adults as well.

To find out more about Library events, follow this link or call 906-346-3433