An inside look at the Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum

ISHPEMING — The Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum gave a tour to local business leaders to show all that the museum has to offer.

On the tour, the participants received a hint of what life was like as a miner back in the day. The property was transferred over to the museum in the mid nineties, and things have only improved since then. But even though time has passed, the museum has worked hard to preserve the historic view of the mine.

“We’re very proud that we have this facility that really shows the site as it was,” said Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum Board Member Mark Dryer, “and the fact that people can get a sense of underground activity by just walking through some of the tunnels. People really enjoy that sense of walking in the footsteps of where these miners walked 160 years ago.”

The museum is a private enterprise that also has one of the largest rock and mineral displays in the state of Michigan. Tours are available to the public through September.
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