GMA’s Ginger Zee visits Pictured Rocks

MUNISING — Good Morning America which airs exclusively on ABC 10 every morning at 7am sent their very own Ginger Zee to Michigan to Broadcast live this morning. ABC 10’s Danielle Davis was on set this morning with Ginger Zee and brings a glimpse of what those in the to experience this morning.

While this is what most of you watched this morning on Good Morning America, some of us here in the U.P. got to see it live, from behind the scenes. As part of Pure Michigan’s tourism campaign, they brought Ginger Zee to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to broadcast live at Miners Castle.

“I wanted to look at the lake and see Ginger Zee, I like Ginger Zee, she’s cool,” said 11 year old Alex Goudreau.

Mayor Rod DesJardins added, “We’ve always considered Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore a great un–kept secret in the park system, one of the finest recreational facilities east of the Mississippi, and it’s not a secret anymore, we have to share it.”

Now on the national stage, Pictured Rocks can be checked, “done that” on Ginger Zee’s bucket list.

“Gorgeous, I’ve seen pictures but I’ve never been here. And if I have never been here then I then I am sure there are lots of people who haven’t and it is such a unique place on our planet and to be able to showcase Michigan in such a positive way was very special to me. The brilliant way the cliff look and the way the sun hits them it really transforms your mind. It is so peaceful with woods and all the beauty of Michigan combined with a place that doesn’t look like other spots in Michigan.

Ginger was welcomed by Yoopers from all across Michigan, Including boaters and even kayakers excited to say hi to Ginger and of course, mom. Along with regular cut ins with her team in New York, Ginger’s day included a key to the city and of course, eating a Muldoon’s pasty live on air.

“Now remember, there was a competition to bring Ginger Zee to the U.P. and pictured rocks won with 56% of that vote” reports Danielle Davis.

“I did vote, I voted a couple of times. I voted once for Sleeping Bear Dunes, because I have friends who live there and I voted for her twice,” said Ginger Zee.

“We’re a little biased here in Munising and we think we have a quality offering and we were happy that we won,” said John Madigan, Manager, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Ginger could be seen, waving back at the boaters, and staying to make sure everyone who wanted a picture taken with her, got one.

Park Superintendent, Laura Rotegard added, “There are 407 national park units, how did we get so lucky to get her here.”

Ginger says as Michigan is her home, it stays top of mind, quite often.

“In the winter, I am glued to the radar here, I am glued to the U.P. for lake effect snow, it’s one of those spots where you can compare numbers and when people say we’ve had a rough winter, I say, oh yeah, why don’t you look up there and see what lake effect snow can really do.”

You can catch Ginger Zee exclusively, here on ABC 10 at 7am, Monday thru Friday, but you never know, you may catch her back here in the U.P.

“I can spend a week here, kayaking, and doing all of the fun activities, I’d like to hike…” added Ginger.

And as you can tell from this crowd, she is welcome back anytime.