NEGAUNEE — Summer could be super fun for kids at Superhero camp, where they can fight the evil of summer boredom and their creativity can leap to great heights in a single-bound. Today at the Negaunee YMCA Superhero camp kicked off for kids ages three to five.

The camp started off with a superhero warm up with a little kickboxing and practicing super moves. According to his uncle, Lux loves superheroes at home and practiced before he came to camp.

Lux’s uncle Scott Olsen said, “He is definitely an air-kick-and-puncher. He likes to play sword-fighting, so I think he’s part ninja-turtle, part Robin.”

When kids arrive they can choose what super power they want for the week, or for the day. Like super-speed or the powers of their favorite hero. Families who participated say that these camps are positive in different ways.

Olsen added, “I think it gives them a little bit of time to interact with each other, and not only could they be their superhero, but they get to experience punching and kicking the air and having fun with each other.”

The YMCA’s in Marquette County will be hosting different camps throughout the summer, like princess camp and pirate camp. There will also be another superhero camp in July if families either miss this one or if they want to return.

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