PWPL hosts Be a Hero! Volunteer Fair

MARQUETTE — If you’re looking to keep busy this summer while helping out a good cause, a local library might be able to help.

Friday marked the first annual Be a Hero Volunteer Fair at the Peter White Public Library. 19 organizations came together to try and recruit volunteers to help them with projects throughout the summer.

“Our summer reading theme for the children’s program is ‘Be a Hero!’ which kind of prompted the idea of, ‘Wait a minute, adults can get in on this too and be heroes in their community,’ and the volunteering seemed like a great way to do that,” said Margaret Boyle, the Programming Coordinator at the library.

There were a wide variety of organizations in attendance, from those working toward youth development to groups that put together summer festivals. Boyle says anyone and everyone can volunteer.

“I just love seeing people wanting to make their community a better place to be and take part in that. Living in Marquette is just great, but it’s a great way for people to help Marquette be even better,” added Boyle.

Boyle says the Library hopes to make the event an annual one.