ISHPEMING — Marquette County is hosting their Relay for Life tonight, and laps have already begun. Volunteers, survivors, patients and care givers are all meeting tonight at Al Quaal Park in Ishpeming for Relay for Life. The Marquette County Relay started at 4 this evening and will be going through the night and until tomorrow morning. Carl Fulsher says it’s hard to choose what his favorite part about relay is.

Relay for Life Community Manager Carl Fulsher said, “I think what I really like about relay is that how all the stuff ties in, in a way to fight cancer and you go through everything you go through the crying part you go through the laughing part, you go through the serious part you go through the angry part.”

But most of all the event aims to celebrate life. The event was a carnival theme with clowns and games. People can stay all through the night and some have already set up their camp sites. There will be special themes and laps through out the night and to continue celebrations. Later tonight participants could bid in a silent auction, a live basket auction and enjoy live entertainment.

If you would like to join in or donate click here for more information.