Free fishing for everyone this weekend

MARQUETTE — Michigan has 11,000 lakes, rivers and streams, possibly a fisher’s paradise, and everyone is invited. This weekend anyone could be a fisher because the state is hosting a free fishing weekend starting tomorrow and through Sunday. Adam Johnson says has been fishing since he was two years old and says thinks that this weekend offers a great opportunity for people to get into the sport and to connect with nature around them.

Johnson said, “It’s not just about fishing for me. It’s about the spirituality, it’s about connecting with nature, and it’s about just the understanding of our world.”

But just because it’s free to fish, doesn’t mean it a free–for–all. According to the DNR those who participate in free fishing weekend still must adhere to other fishing laws, like the limit of your catch and the size of your catch.Usually laws, and lake guidelines can be found on a board in the area.

Marquette DNR Supervisor Lt. Peter Wright said, “You need to know where you’re at and what you’re fishing for, and the digest will help you stay within compliance of the law. Fishing digests are free, you can get them at any license agent, you can get it online.”

All fish may be fun to catch, but not all are safe to eat. You should always refer to the Michigan State Department of Health’s website when determining which fish are ok for your lunch or dinner. According to that website a lot of Michigan’s popular fish are ok to eat because they are low in mercury. Overall locals and tourist should remember this weekend is about having fun and staying safe.

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