Man arrested after leaving a car on fire in the ditch

KINGSFORD — A Wisconsin man was arrested after leaving the scene of an accident where the car he was driving caught fire.

Officers from the Kingsford Public Safety Department say they responded to a 911 call on Wednesday around 10:00 p.m. regarding a car fire on the 300 block of Riverhills Road. At the scene, police found that the car had been involved in a single-vehicle accident and was in a ditch fully engulfed in flames.

Witnesses told police two males and two females left the scene after the car ignited. After a short search, police found the four individuals at Cowboy Lake Park, where the driver of the vehicle was identified.

22-year-old Damon Oliphant of Niagara, Wisconsin man was arrested for operating a vehicle without a license, operating an improperly registered vehicle, and leaving the scene of a property damage accident. He was transported to the Dickinson County Correctional Center. He pleaded guilty at his arraignment Thursday. He will be sentenced on July 7th.

Kingsford Public Safety was assisted by the Iron Mountain Police Department, Michigan State Police, and the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Department.