Superior Fishing Lures hosts ribbon cutting for new location

MARQUETTE — Fisherman in the area now have a brand new place to purchase equipment for their favorite hobby.

Superior Fishing Lures had a ribbon cutting today in downtown Marquette, where’re they’ll be selling their lures. The company manufactures night crawler harnesses and inline spinners for trout, pan fish, pike and many more.

“Well it was a hobby. It started out with my daughter and I making lures because we enjoyed fishing and from there it kind of evolved into the process of business development with Accelerate U.P. We worked with those folks to formulate a team to take us from a hobby to a professional product,” said Richard Beasley, owner of Superior Fishing Lures.

The lures will be sold at Superior Outfitters. Beasley has been selling online for sometime now, but this is one of the first brick–and–mortar locations. But, he says the transition is more than just a business strategy.

“That was one of the focuses, you know, to make this a family business, because in a family business your children need to be involved and learn something through that process. We’re excited, we’re proud of this. This is something that we didn’t envision at first but the pride comes from making something with your own two hands,” added Beasley.

If you want to give some of Beasley’s lures a try, Superior Outfitters is open 11-6 on weekdays and 8-6 on weekdays.

You can shop Superior Fishing Lures directly by following this link.