GWINN — When it rains, it pours, and believe it or not, we’re not talking about the weather. We’re talking about all the change for Gwinn Area Community Schools and some tough choices that have staff and parents on the edge.

The Gwinn Area Community Schools Board of Education met Monday evening and discussed whether or not to eliminate the position of Special Programs Administrator.

Why get rid of the role? To alleviate funds top hire an administrator when they open their second elementary school, Gilbert.

School Board President Ron Lauren said, “The education should get better at the schools because the principal is not spread so thin. Give more direction, more leadership, more stability to our school system.”

The board says that the duties of the special programs administrator would be divided among the other administrators, so no programs would be lost, but the others would gain more responsibilities and paperwork. It would seem the main concern the school board has is making sure there is an administrative presence in each school, and that no school has to share a principal.