After fire-new buses are in the works

MUNISING — The wheels on the bus are still going ’round for Alger County Transit. They are still serving the community thanks to support from transit agencies across the UP and even downstate.

Last March the ALTRAN station in Munising was hit hard by a late–night fire in it’s garage and it damaged many of their buses. Now ALTRAN is running almost back to normal thanks to other transit agencies loaning them buses to serve the community until they get new ones. Executive Direct of ALTRAN Rochelle Cotey says they are grateful for all the support from the community.

Executive Direct of ALTRAN Rochelle Cotey says, “They’ve been really patient, you know, because it’s taken a while to get us back to where we have how many buses we need to serve them, but we’re at 100% serving the people we need to serve. The times and the day might be a little longer for waiting times but I think we’re doing pretty good and we really strive to take care of our customers.”

The transit agency is in the process of ordering nine new buses within the next week. They also plan to rebuild their headquarters, including their office space and garage. ALTRAN is currently sharing a building with the LMAS health department in Wetmore and will remain there until they move into their new building next spring or early summer.