CHAMPION — One of the most remote state parks presented a challenge for engineers last year when a bridge needed to be built and there was no clear way to get it done.

The bridge that crosses over the Peshekee River at Craig Lake State Park is so remote that last year, Associated Constructors of Marquette had to use a helicopter to bring in materials. The challenge is now complete as this rugged area where the North Country Trail runs through is open for hiking season and it’s no longer a safety hazard.

“I use to get calls from people asking when are you going to replace the bridge, when are you going to replace that bridge. Now we have a new bridge and it was pretty dangerous before and now it is really really safe and actually kind of neat.”

The bridge is an eighty foot clear span cable suspended bridge. It enables hikers and boaters to be able to walk an eight mile loop around the lake.

“Sanders Chapksi designed the bridge and when I looked at it on paper I really didn’t get a clear picture of what is was going to be until I came out here and it is just fantastic. They did a really nice job and Associated did a really nice job constructing it,” continued Barry.

The extension bridge at Craig Lake is nicknamed the Mini Mackinaw. It was paid for by two grants received by the DNR.