MARQUETTE — When you hear about an artist painting the vegetation and wilderness of the UP, you may think, I see that everyday, what’s new? But artist Suzan Pitt reveals a different view.

Curator of the exhibit Jo Whittler said, “One of the great stories that I heard is someone said, ‘Well how would you describe these paintings?’ and a kid said, ‘It’s like the UP woods, only the lights are turned on.'”

Whittler says that Suzan Pitt’s use of color in her watercolor and acrylic paints and her interpretation of the woods is unique, and not a literally representation.

Whittler said, “You know, next time that you’re out in the woods to look at things a little bit more carefully, and things are just a little more magical and mysterious in her paintings.”

The exhibit includes a 17-foot mural and other paintings. The exhibit is open at the Marquette Regional History Center now and will be up through the end of the summer. The MRHC has events happening through the whole summer for locals and tourists alike.

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