ISHPEMING — At Wednesday night’s city council meeting, Ishpeming took one more step toward improving the city’s water lines. Water Improvement has had a long time coming in Ishpeming and the wheels are finally starting to turn.

The Ishpeming city council voted unanimously to contract GEI Consulting Engineers and Scientists to plan a water improvement project. The project would include replacing pipes so that residents would have a more reliable water source.

Ishpeming City Manager Mark Slown said, “This project really needs to be done because we have a leaking water system in the city from age and various defects. We are loosing half the water that the city pumps from the wells, which is a terrible waste to the people that need water, and here we are just letting it poor into the ground. So we want to fix that.”

The project is said to cost an estimate of $12 million to complete, and the city hopes to get grant funding from the United States Department of Agriculture. City Manager Mark Slown said that he would personally be involved in the project.

The project will begin in 2017 with hopes of completion in 2018.