Teamwork works at Bothwell Middle School

MARQUETTE — It’s the end of the school year and Bothwell Middle School is wrapping things up, but not without those last minute assignments.

Luckily, teachers decided to do some out of the box teaching today. Bothwell Middle School kids got out of the classroom for today’s lesson. They got to experience the Superior Dome in Marquette where the college kids usually play. This play–date was filled with tons of activities including, dodge ball, basketball and well we aren’t exactly sure what type of volleyball this is, but as it meets the group play requirement, we’ll give it a pass.

“Just a great day of academics and excellence in the classroom and they have worked hard. We have a very good 6th grade this year and I think the 7th grade teachers will be very happy with what they get next year,” said teacher, John Tizini.

An important skill for kids to master is sharing. So today was all about team building, participation and group learning. A skill they seem to have mastered if you judge by some of these interviews.

“When we play teams we are passing to each other and learning to play fairly and stuff,” said 6th grader Abi Richer.

6th grader Campbell Kallio and Shelby Whitaker had this to say, “When you work together and as a team, you get more accomplished – and have more fun – when you are working together, you make new friends and you have more fun with your friends.”

“When you work together as a team it helps us get to know our classmates and what they like to do,” said Sarah Bryers, 6th grade.

“When you work together you meet new people and you get to know more about them – you get more accomplished, for example in hockey if you are all crowded and not working together, it doesn’t work as well,” said Essasyn Jones & Marlee Parkkonen, 6th graders.

Renay Johnson added in that “It bring us together and I like the team work because it brings you closer together let’s you learn everyone’s name and let’s you get to know people you have never known before.”

Bothwell’s last day of school will be Monday, June 8 with just a half day of class.