Are you Yooper enough? Sign up for Mr. U.P.!

NEGAUNEE — You may be used to seeing gowns and slender figures when it comes to pageants, but this summer the Peninsula Arts Appreciation Council is bringing you something different.

Presenting the Mister Upper Peninsula Pageant, where men 18 and older can compete for a title that personifies all things Yooper. Just like the Miss U.P. Pageant, contestants will have a swimwear competition, but the other categories have a “Yooper” twist.

“We are doing Yooper-Wear, Yooper-Talent, Yooper formal-wear, and a swimsuit competition, because what kind of pageant exists without one,” said event organizer Andrew ‘Bear’ Tyler.

Other than the minimum age, the only requirement is contestants must live or be born in the U-P.

“If you were born here and you moved away, once you’re a Yopper you are always a Yooper,” said Tyler.

The talent portion will take place at the Vista Theater in Negaunee on July 10th. For more information on how to apply visit their website at