Over $12,000 pledged to four school districts

ISHPEMING — The Western Marquette County Health Foundation has pledged fifty thousand dollars to be distributed to four different school districts for health related programs.

Ishpeming, Negaunee NICE and Republic/Michigamme School Districts are all included in the partnership. Each will receive twelve and a half thousand dollars for the upcoming academic year.

This grant will come to the schools in time for creating their budget for the upcoming school year. School Districts come up with their revenue and expenses based on expected enrollment to decide on their operational budgeting.

“Sometimes that leaves a little bit of room for things like health and wellness programming, or some ideas they want to implement for the health and safety of their students and sometimes it means it’s completely gone,” said Western Marquette County Health Foundation Treasurer/Secretary Kori Tossava, “so what we want to be able to do is say ‘we have this portion of funds, this year it’s $12,500, where can that be used best in your district?”

Since each school district has their own independent needs, they will be able to spend the money on what way they think is best for their schools, as long as it benefits all of their students in a health related way.

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